Moon Craters Hercules and Atlas.


Located on the Northeast of the moon are the craters Hercules and Atlas. These craters are named after mythological figures. Hercules is the Romanized version of the Heracles and is famous for his Twelve Tasks. Altas was a Titan condemned by Zeus to hold the sky on his shoulders.

The Atlas crater is the older of the two being formed around 3.8 billion years ago. The floor of this crater is fractured with rilles due to volcanism. The rilles are not very prominent on the image because this was taken close to the full moon. In the middle of the crater floor are some hills.

The Hercules crater is a younger crater. The crater floor was flooded with lava thus forming a smooth crater floor. A smaller crater designated as Hercules G was formed on the crater floor. The crater walls of Hercules have multiple terraced.

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