Hoy Iko nos enseña a alinear la montura ecuatorial skywatcher staradventurer versión astrofoto, para astrofotografía de cielo profundo y campo amplio. Si eres amante de la astrofotografía, no puedes perdértelo! (vídeo nº2 de los 3 vídeos dedicados a esta montura staradventurer de skywatcher) Anexos útiles: a) Vídeo de cómo calibrar el buscador de la polar: […]

Photographing “Thor’s Helmet” Nebula from home

The skies have cleared for the time being, which is great news considering our current situation. In this video, I photograph some nebulae from my backyard using a camera and telescope. My primary interest for the night was the “Thor’s Helmet Nebula” in the constellation Canis Major. I also photographed the Horsehead Nebula in Orion […]

Narrowband Imaging Beginners Guide

Narrowband imaging involves isolating and capturing specific wavelengths of light using filters. Deep-sky astrophotography enthusiasts are able to produce dynamic images of objects in space through their telescope with the help of narrowband filters. The following video provides an overview of the topic of narrowband imaging, and how you can create a Hubble Palette image […]

Aprende como PROCESAR LA VÍA LÁCTEA: paso a paso.

Hoy vamos a aprender como PROCESAR la VÍA LÁCTEA en nuestras fotografías nocturnas. Para ello vamos a utilizar 3 archivos RAW y vamos a procesar cada uno de ellos en adobe lightroom y en adobe Photoshop para realizar una fusión de las tres fotografías. Esta manera de procesar la vía láctea es la forma en […]

How to master Astrophotography with the Canon EOS Ra

We’ve been excited to share this one with you for a while! Join astrophotographer Fergus Kennedy in the high mountains of Almeria, Spain and the Calar Alto Observatory, as he shares how to use the new Canon EOS Ra to capture stunning images from the Milky Way and the tricks of the astrophotography trade. Far […]